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Growth Plan Pty Ltd is an applied research organisation dedicated to helping business owners increase the returns from their business in a community conscious and environmentally sustainable way.  These returns may be increased profitability, or such things as more time to pursue passions, or more enjoyment from the day to day working environment.

Growth Plan has three divisions:

1   Business Diagnosis & Applied Research - researching the key drivers for growth in owner operated businesses and reporting these back to member firms in an understandable and useable way

2   How to start a business – get your business of to the right start

3   Mentoring and Consulting – working with small businesses on a one on one basis to grow their returns

4   Publications and Education – Developing educational products to assist business people to increase their returns from business.                      


The key tools used include:

·        Benchmarking

·        Business Diagnosis

·        Future Builder

·        Strategy Implementation

·        Suite of MindBiz Tools


Growth Plan's personnel are highly skilled business consultants with over 20 years experience in

management, personnel, training, and small business development.

They have a proven track record of assisting regional and metropolitan small business operator to realise their goals and reach their full potential. More information.

Contact Growth Plan by email  admin@growthplan.com.au



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