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Growth Plan Charge Rate Calculator



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Charge Rate Calculator


This simple to use model is a valuable tool for helping owners of service businesses understand how much they need to charge for their time in order to achieve their objectives. 


This model uses data about:

  • hours worked by employees and owners

  • chargeable hours

  • underquoting and over quoting

  • business expense

  • amount invested

  • rates of return on similar investments

to calculate an hourly charge rate that would provide a reasonable return on investment, plus appropriate payment for owner hours worked, plus a margin, where appropriate, for other expected returns.


This program can be used in a number of different situations: 

  • Calculate the rate to charge clients in order to receive the returns you expect

  • Determine the cost to you of work done for no or little charge

  • Determining figures for calculating budgets

  • Calculate breakeven charge rates

  • Calculate whether or not your business is providing an appropriate return for the effort and funds expended

  • Calculate the number of employees needed to make a return in line with your expectations given a market driven charge rate

Click the button below if you would like a quote to produce a custom built version of the Charge Rate calculator which matches aspects of your business.


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