If you have followed all the steps above you will have some control over your time by now and a great deal of motivation.  You will know what you want out of life and your business will be a vehicle to helping you achieve it.


Your business will be central to your achievement of your goals.


If your business is providing sufficient funds and flexibility in the use of your time to help you achieve your goals then you must protect that resource.  Do you know the risks that you need to protect against?  If you know all the risks, do you know what to do about them?  Do you know which risks are most important and which you should tackle first?


If your business is not providing sufficient funds or sufficient flexibility of time, what are you going to do about it?  How are you going to increase your returns from the business?  Which of the many next steps to business improvement should you take?  Once youíve chosen a step, how do you know it is the right one, or the one that well get you to your goal fastest?


If you are an athlete with a goal to achieve a significant 800m running time, how would you respond to an offer of an assessment of your fitness?  A smart athlete would grab it with both hands, because they would be able to view their future exercise regime with some certainty.  They would know whether to concentrate on strength work or aerobic, which muscles are effective and which arenít.  They may identify risks that could remove the athleteís ability to compete for example inflammations, heart conditions and the like.  They may also obtain information on how to train for the improvement they need to achieve their goal or on how to avoid risks.


You should look at your business in the same way.  Submit it to a fitness assessment and receive advice based on comparison of your business to successful similar businesses, so you can plan with something closer to certainty.


So now you have decided to grow or protect your business returns you should visit


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