The Role of Business Diagnosis in Improving Returns from Business


There are many benefits that can be obtained by diagnosing your business:


*      There are an enormous number of activities you can undertake to improve your business. Business diagnosis can help you identify which of these choices will the most effective in growing your business

*      Business diagnosis saves time and improves returns by providing more accurate and effective decision making

*      Business diagnosis allows you to identify business goals and to describe them in concrete manageable terms

*      Business diagnosis provides you with a benchmark against which to measure your progress

*      Growth Plan business diagnosis will provide a holistic analysis of your businesses covering financial, staff structure, resource and client productivity, management issues, lifestyle, representation systems and leadership.  This is consistent with Growth Planís philosophy of assisting to provide growth in financial and non-financial returns

*      Growth Plan Business Diagnosis provides reports in both written and PowerPoint form to allow easy communication of results to others within the organisation


An Excerpt from Growth Plan Business Diagnosis Presentation 

Below is one page of many taken from a Growth Plan Business Diagnosis PowerPoint:





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