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You are probably reading this because you feel you donít have any spare time to follow the steps to come.  You donít have time to analyse your situation, to write lists or make choices.  You know what you have to do, you are getting on with it and you have no time for anything else.


If this is true you are a victim of the Activity Trap and the unfortunate fact is that to get out of it you will have to allocate some of your scarce time to the task, whether you feel you have it not.  It could be that you are suffering from competing demands on your time, failing to meet deadlines, and, as a result, you are loosing some faith with clients, business partners and your family.  Most people fall into this trap at least once in their lives but there is a way out if you make solving this your goal and set aside some time to work on it.


Do you tell your clients that you donít have any time to deal with their purchase?  If a client comes to you for service you will:

So you have proved that you can make time.  You have time for clients but not for yourself so you need to see yourself as a client.  All you have to do is: 

So, book Growth Plan into your diary, at least 2 hours per week and make it happen.  Use all the tricks you use to properly service your clients, to service yourself. 

Practice your good service skills on yourself




Your development is the best client you will ever have


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