If you have done the “Create Task List” step previously in the flowchart, you will have already downloaded the spreadsheet you need for this activity.  Open the spreadsheet and click on the “Delegation Instructions” Worksheet Tab and you will see instructions on using the Delegation Worksheet.


If you haven’t already downloaded it, click on the link below.  You will need to follow the Create a Task List step before you can use the Delegation Worksheet.  Create your task list by opening the downloaded spreadsheet and reading the Task List Instructions.


Purchase the Task List and Delegation Workbook.


Delegation Workbook Completed


Once you have completed the Delegation Worksheet you should be able to easily identify the tasks you will delegate and who you will delegate them to.  Print off your Delegation Worksheet and plan out the delegations.  You may need to appoint staff, appoint contractors to outsource to, train existing staff, promote staff and assign duties.  This will take some time but at the end you will have a far more effective organisation, without wasted capacity and an ability to respond to new situations.


To be a good delegator you will need to be good at: 


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